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Gratitude ~ Notepad

Gratitude ~ Notepad


★ Gratitude ★


I created these notepads to solve my list/note making addiction, whilst wanting to create something multi-functional and pretty.

This uplifting dove artwork was inspired by gratitude. I wanted the key to be a reminder that the small act of asking yourself what you are grateful for everyday, can provide so much happiness, freedom and presence in the moment. This would be a great way to use this notepad too :)


Lovely for;

★ Scrapbooking & journalling

★ Letter writing

★ Notetaking

★ Listmaking

★ Doodling!


Printed on A5 (148 x 210 mm) smooth 100gsm gummed note paper, so you can tear off sheets when needed.

50 sheets per notepad, backed with 790 gsm greyboard.


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