January Sunshine

January 18, 2016


I had to share this picture from the weekend...we timed a walk along the coast path just right, to enjoy this incredible view. The water was so calm that the horizon melted into the sky. It seems sunny days like these have been so rare here lately so it was extra special to be out enjoying it..while it lasted! 


The rest of my weekend was unfortunately spent tucked up in bed with a cold. It is a reminder to pay a little more attention when my body is telling me it needs rest I think...there is always so much I want to fit into each day in order to feel productive, but there is nothing productive about having to stay in bed for three days straight because of it!


I will finish with some work from last week. I usually like to have a few projects on the go simultaneously so that I can dip in and out of each and keep my enthusiam fresh.



Sketch for 'Does a Tortoise Dream?' a short story by my friend Emma Jane Howman. We have decided to team up and create illustrated books of her beautiful writing.




I made a start on finishing this painting that has been put to the bottom of the pile of work 'to be finished'. I get frustrated when something is not looking how I imagined and often set it aside to re-look with fresh eyes at a later date. I am always happy when I pick up a piece and it seems better than I remember after some time has passed. This one may appear as a print soon if I can get it just right :)




Quite a different project to work on for me; a tattoo design for a Kate Bush fan! I love working on little pieces like this, it feels like play, so anyone interested in tattoo designs please get in touch!



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