Self Goddess Salt soak

Self Goddess Salt soak


Higher Self Soak ~ Enjoy a relaxing bath with our soak of Himalayan and epsom salt. Reap the benefits of lavender and rose essential oil. Rose quartz infused. 

MANTRA- I am connected to the universal energies of love

Ingredients - Epsom Salt, himalayan salt, Rose EO, Lavender buds, Cornflower, Clear crystal quartz


Soul Detox Salt soak ~  is a blend of himalayan & epsom salt, with infusions of rose and clear crystal quartz. The floral blend, salts, and crystals were specifically crafted to detoxify toxins on a physical and energetic level while uplifting your spirits.

MANTRA - I am releasing all that no longer serves me

Ingredients - Epsom Salt, himalayan salt, Rose petals, rose absolute EO, crystal quartz infused, 528 hz frequencies.


1 - 30mL glass tube

Directions: Add desired amount under warm bathwater 1 - 30mL glass tube


Made in United States of America