Moksa Wild Rose Toning mist
  • Moksa Wild Rose Toning mist


    Containing only three beautiful ingredients, this organic Toning Mist is the perfect go to product for a quick burst of goodness.


    Helping to tone oily skin, soothe sensitive skin and repair ageing skin, this vitamin-rich Toning Mist contains mild astringent properties that can help shrink your pores while removing residual dirt and oil from your face. Preparing your face for optimal hydration.


    Hydrate / The gorgeous yet subtle, natural rose scent will help rejuvenate tired skin and provide a nourishing boost to calm skin and mind. Perfect when used after cleansing and before applying a facial oil.

    Tone / The glycerine derived from coconuts helps your skin to retain moisture giving it a gorgeously youthful, healthy glow.

    Refresh / Spritz any time of day for a refreshing burst + can also be kept in the fridge during the warmer months for extra coolness.


    To use: Mist over cleansed face in the morning and before bed. Use any time of day for an additional hydrating burst.


    Ingredients List: Organic Rose floral water, Glycerine (from coconut), Vitamin E



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