Mermaid Wishes candle

Mermaid Wishes candle


★ Mermaid Wishes - Sea Salt & Spray ★


Those who have paid a visit to Cornwall know there is an unmistakeable scent to the sea air which mysteriously captures your heart like a Mermaids siren call…

Conjure the feeling of the rugged Cornish coastline from your own home :)


Fresh, like opening your windows to the open sea on a breezy Cornish morning!


More about my natural candles...


Introducing my new magical scented candle collection!

I have created five unique scents to choose from to fill your space with beautiful fragrance.


  • Made in the U.K
  • NO paraffin, animal or beeswax
  • Made from natural, sustainable plant wax
  • Recycled Glass


These candles burn incredibly clean and right down to the last drop of wax. There is no wastage and your glass jar can then be reused or recycled again with no messy wax to clean.


Size - Approx 3 x 3 inches




The fragrance oils used in this candle can be harmful to aquatic life and may produce allergic reactions. Please read safety precautions before handling.