Dreamy Mineral Soak

Dreamy Mineral Soak


Wash away the day’s worries and relax mind and body with this bedtime mineral soak, designed to induce a peaceful, dreamy night’s sleep.


With Epsom salt, a magnesium-rich mineral, traditionally used for its numerous health benefits; helping to ease anxiety, aches and pains. Combined with sea salt, the skin is replenished with vital minerals, helping to flush out toxins and soothe dry, irritated skin.

The calming and aromatic properties of lavender essential oil promotes relaxation, whilst spicy cardamom offers relief from emotional imbalance. Antiseptic lemon gently brightens the skin and along with pine oil helps to combat problematic, oily skin and blemishes. Valerian helps to calm restlessness and aids a deep sleep.

How to use: Tear open the pouch and empty the contents into a full bath for a relaxing bedtime ritual and to fall into a dreamy slumber. Around 5% of the sale of this product is donated to nativeartsandcultures.org Plastic free.

3cm l x 9cm w x 12cm h

0.11 kg


Made in England by the Magical - MOA - Magic Organic Apothecary