Crystal facet bead bracelets
  • Crystal facet bead bracelets


    Beautifully cut semi precious stones make up these lovely bead bracelets in a choice of colours.


    With each bracelet I have written a few key words associated with the meaning of the crystal on the tag;


    Sunstone (orange) - Joy, Intuition, Energy,


    LightLapis Lazuli (dark blue) - Protection, Harmony, Truth, Communication


    Labradorite (grey/blue) - Imagination, Magic, Ideas, Intuition


    Black Tourmaline - Grounding, Neutral, Protection, Strength


    Amethyst (purple) - Protection, Cleansing, Calming, Control


    Amazonite (mint green) - Soothing, Balancing, Dispels negative energy


    Rose Quartz (pale pink) - Love, Healing, Peace, Reassuring


    These bracelets are elasticated so I would advise not to wear in water and treat with extra care. Approximately 17cm in circumference (Small to medium wrist size)

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